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Your Dream Date

Claim a Date
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01.You must be a member of the community before you can claim anyone.

02. Check the claims list before you claim a person. The person you want to claim might already be taken.

03. Two claims per person. There are however, other ways to get more claims.
- One [1] extra claim if you put your claim in your user info.
- One [1] extra claim if you post a picture of your claim. Put it behind an LJ-Cut, ofcourse. If you dont put it behind one you dont get the extra claim, the other claims you did get, and you get your post deleted. Be nice to our friends pages, please!

However, you can only do one of these.

04. No sharing claims. If you want to claim a person and someone has already claimed them, tough luck. First come, first serve.

05. You can switch your claims. Make a new post saying what claim you have and what you'd like it switched to.

06. If you leave the community, your claims are up for grabs. Post saying you're leaving and what you claimed so I can delete them.

07. Dont post your claim as a comment. It'll be ignored.

08. No advertising.

09. The mods get as many claims as they want. Why? Because we made this community.

If you'd like to add this into your user info and get one claims use this.

<*b*>I claimed *dates name* at <*lj comm*=*"*dream_dates*"*>!<*/b*>

Just remove the *'s. Thanks